Refinement through iteration and collaboration.

Dedicated to advancing your idea

The sessions of The Idea Enterprise are not a presentation but a conversation between the Idea Teams and Executive Leaders. The goal of the session is to advance the idea into action.

What to Expect

Idea Teams can expect a positive discussion regarding their idea from experienced Executive Leaders who provide insightful feedback and guidance, which will allow teams to look at and think about their idea in new, powerful ways.

Executive Leaders can expect an invigorating opportunity to meet with fellow business experts and be introduced to – and play a role in the advancement of – the fresh, big and innovative ideas of Arizona State University.

Session Format

The first five minutes are for the Executive Leaders to introduce themselves briefly, going around the table.

The next ten minutes are allotted to the Idea Team to introduce themselves, identify what their “picture of success” is for the session and make any remarks they deem important to frame their Idea for the session discussion, keeping in mind that the Executive Leaders will have read all the prereading materials.

The following fifteen minutes are allotted to the Executive Leaders to ask the Idea Team any clarifying questions they may have, in order to fully understand the Idea. The types of questions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarifying a point, theory, concept or element of the Idea.
  • Understanding the reasoning behind a given decision/direction of the Idea.

The remaining sixty minutes will be an interactive discussion between the Executive Leaders and Idea Team, covering:

  • The Idea Team Questions.
  • Suggestions / Recommendations.
  • Idea positioning, messaging and trajectory.
  • Address other possible (or perceived) challenges or opportunities.
  • Other

House Rules

  • No “home movies” – in order to make best use of our limited time together, we ask that Idea Teams and Executive Leaders alike curb the very human desire to tell long stories or make lengthy remarks that are, while potentially interesting, tangential to achieving the goals of the session.
  • Be honest and direct.
  • Be constructive, not combative.

Background for Idea Leaders/Teams

  • Ideas sought are those that lend themselves to benefitting from the input and advice of highly successful and experienced business leaders (current and former Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO level) who come together as a group to help shape, hone and pressure-test Ideas so that they may have even broader market appeal
    and societal impact.
  • The Idea Team will work with the IE Team for 2-3 months prior to the session to prepare a 2-5 page briefing document, questions they would like to pose to the Executive Leaders, and any other relevant background (which will be distributed to Executive Leaders pre-meeting). Idea Team will be responsible for taking the lead on implementation and providing brief progress updates(s). The Idea Team will receive a summary write-up of Executive Leaders’ advice post-meeting.