High impact ideas that have made a difference.

Ideas of all kinds

Since its conception, The Idea Enterprise has seen a diverse range of ASU ideas spanning multi-disciplinary fields including business, healthcare, sustainability and education, which address a societal challenge. In addition to meeting the established Idea Enterprise criteria, each of the following past ideas fall into one of the Idea Enterprise idea stages:

Idea Title: LightWorks Innovation Accelerator
Leader: Bill Brandt
The LightWorks® Innovation Accelerator aligns the value propositions of companies with reliable experts, tools and frameworks that meet their research and development needs.
Idea Title: Zero Mass Water
Leader: Cody Friesen
Zero Mass Water has developed a low-cost solution for delivering pure drinking water that displaces fetching, purifying and bottled water sources in convenience, ownership, and security while also presenting a pathway to alleviate global water-related losses of effort, time and health.
Idea Title: Utility of the Future Center
Leader: Kris Mayes and Martin “Mike” Pasqualetti
The Utility of the Future Center will guide industry decision-makers in developing new business models, and help regulators in drafting new regulations and rate designs aimed at addressing electricity generation decentralization; including the rise of distributed solar, energy efficiency, demand response programs and energy storage.
Idea Title: Transformational Leadership
Leader: MaryMargaret Fonow and Richard Goldsand
Transformation Leadership is a leadership training program aimed at raising performance rooted in the knowledge of social responsibility, diversity, neuroscience and human behavior.
Idea Title: Technology Innovation Laboratory
Leader: Yong-Hang Zhang
Technology Innovation Laboratory will create applied technologies using the knowledge and inventions of ASU faculty, which can be easily transferred to industry. The Sustainability
Idea Title: Spark Open Research
Leader: Kathryn Scheckel
Spark creates experiences for students to simultaneously learn about and contribute to revolutionary advancements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), bridging the skills gap to prepare more qualified and career-ready or college-ready students.
Idea Title: Sanford Harmony Project
Leader: Rick Fabes
The Sanford Harmony Program is a healthy relationship-training program for preschool through sixth-grade classrooms designed to encourage and foster positive relationships.
Idea Title: Risk Innovation Accelerator
Leader: Andrew Maynard
The Risk Innovation Accelerator (RIA) is a public-private partnerships initiative that will enable organizations to successfully navigate increasingly complex risk landscapes. RIA will connect interdisciplinary expertise across ASU with external partners to help organizations address increasingly complex risk challenges
Idea Title: Open Behavior Change
Leader: Eric Hekler
Open Behavior Change is a platform that coordinates and integrates efforts of all relevant stakeholders in creating precise, evidence-based behavior change prevention and treatment strategies for health.
Idea Title: Mind Spark
Leader: Adam Collis
Using new technologies like HD video-conferencing, social media, online interactivity, Hollywood quality visual effects/motion picture graphics, and large screen cinematic projection, Mind Spark will revolutionize the way students learn.
Idea Title: Herberger Design and Creativity Academy
Leader: Jake Pinholster
The Herberger Design and Creativity Academy (HDCA) is an engine for driving ASU’s leadership in design thinking and creative collaboration. The HDCA provides full-length courses, short workshops, and custom-designed programs for all kinds of clientele, all designed, taught and facilitated by the Herberger Institute’s cross-disciplinary team of designers, artists and thinkers.
Idea Title: Healthy Child Guide
Leader: Jim Adams
The Healthy Child Guide is a new set of recommendations from the Neurological Health Foundation focused on improving nutritional status, decreasing toxic exposures, and personalized testing and treatment during preconception and pregnancy to prevent neurological and physical health problems in children.
Idea Title: Fit Minded
Leader: Jennifer Huberty
Fit Minded is a behavior change program for women who struggle to make positive health behavior choices, have barriers that they would like to overcome and desire to make a lifestyle change.
Idea Title: Biodiversity Data Hub
Leader: Leah Gerber
The Biodiversity Data Hub is a central virtual place where global biodiversity information is stored, processed, compared and used to help corporations conveniently and effectively consider biodiversity in business decisions.
Idea Title: Beagle Maps
Leader: Lindy Elkins-Tanton
Beagle Learning has developed a new online platform of interactive learning maps (Beagle Maps) that allows learners to drive the learning process while harnessing the expertise of professionals to provide the highest quality content.
Idea Title: MAKE
Leader: Mitzi Montoya
MAKE, created by faculty and leadership within the ASU College of Technology & Innovation (CTI), is a program that allows students to collaborate and make bold venture, project and prototype ideas a reality.
Idea Title: Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI)
Leader: May Busch and Minu Ipe
Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) is a high level leadership strategy that will design and execute a new set of leadership initiatives for current and potential senior leaders who can sustainably advance ASU as a New American University.
Idea Title: Middle Path Life
Leader: Christopher Wharton
The Middle Path Life is a fundamentally different platform for behavior change; it is designed to empower individuals to engage in their environment in healthier, more sustainable, more financially savvy ways, simultaneously.
Idea Title: Affiliated Consumer Network (ACN)
Leader: Dr. Wyatt Decker
Mayo has developed the Affiliated Consumer Network to leverage Mayo’s partnership with ASU, by reaching out to the young adult cohort with products and services that will expand connectivity beyond the traditional Mayo Clinic model of on-site health care services.
Idea Title: IDEAL
Leader: Sasha Barab
IDEAL aims to harness the unique power of games and game-infused methods and solutions to address society’s biggest challenges such as Environmental Sustainability, Economic Prosperity and Workforce Development, Informed and Engaged Citizenry, Public Health and National Security.
Idea Title: IF-Tech
Leader: Greg Raupp
IF-Tech prototypes will create innovative product-level flexible technology solutions to address critical national challenges in health care, safety and security, human performance, sustainability and beyond.
Idea Title: AREA 48
Leader: Gordon McConnell
The Applied Regional Economic Accelerator 48 (AREA48) will pilot a new model for educating and supporting “at-risk” employees, such as returning veterans, retirees and highly skilled but unemployed workers from the construction, aerospace and defense industries.
Idea Title: NextPotential
Leader: Duncan Hoffman
NextPotential is a waste-to-value company that recycles greenhouse gas emissions from industrial plants directly into natural gas using solar energy.
Idea Title: Health Futures Council @ ASU
Leader: Mitzi Krockover
The Health Futures Council at ASU (HFC) comprises a group of high profile leaders across multiple sectors, united in their passion for optimizing health and resolving the foremost challenges in health and healthcare today.
Idea Title: Education through eXploration
Leader: Ariel Anbar
The ETX Center develops and deploys digital learning products and platforms that are engaging, adaptive, and transdisciplinary, to educate-through-exploration effectively and at scale.
Idea Title: Curatescape
Leader: Mark Tebeau
Curatescape is a social network for place; it is a mobile application and concept that allows communities to sustain themselves culturally through digital storytelling by re-engaging citizens in the cultural and civic fabric of their neighborhoods, cities and regions in which they learn, work and live.
Idea Title: CLAS Early Start
Leader: Dean Patrick Kenney
The CLAS Early Start Program is a discipline-specific, two week “Early Start” program held directly before the start of the fall semester to help the least academically prepared CLAS freshmen have a positive launch to the fall semester.
Idea Title: Sustainability Solutions Services (S3)
Leader: Patti Reiter
Sustainability Solutions Services (S3 ) is a unique fee-based consulting service, embedded in ASU and the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), that assembles teams of experts to co-develop with clients real, effective, practical and affordable sustainability solutions.
Idea Title: LightWorks
Leader: Gary Dirks
LightWorks is an umbrella Presidential initiative that started 3 years ago to inspire and develop ways to revolutionize the use of energy and the large-scale conversion of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into useful products.
Idea Title: ASU Digital English
Leader: Julia Rosen
ASU’s Digital English Language Learning Courses are offered by ASU’s Global Launch. English is frequently a barrier that prevents talented people from engaging in meaningful global dialogue, especially in business and STEM fields. The Digital English courses seek to address this challenge by making learning English accessible across the globe.
Idea Title: ASU Alumni Law Group
Leader: Doug Sylvester & Marty Harper
The ASU Alumni Law Group (“Law Group”) is a first of its kind “teaching” law firm in the United States that affords new lawyers the opportunity to learn core competency and professionalism skills while providing high quality legal services to clients under the direct supervision of experienced lawyers.
Idea Title: Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Leader: Gabe Shaibi
The ASU Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (CHPDP) is an academic research center that conducts research, training and outreach activities in close partnership with communities to improve health and prevent disease among vulnerable populations across the lifespan.
Idea Title: SolarSPELL
Leader: Laura Hosman
SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) is a portable, ruggedized, solar-powered digital library that broadcasts a webpage containing open-access educational content over an offline WiFi hotspot with content that is curated for a particular audience in a specified locality. SolarSPELL addresses infrastructural challenges across the developing world, such as a lack of fundamental resources, like textbooks, libraries, electricity and Internet connectivity, by bringing relevant, digital educational content to offline, off-grid locations.
Idea Title: New College
Leader: Dean Marlene Tromp
ASU New College provides first-generation, underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students the opportunity to transform their lives and become change agents in a rapidly evolving 21st century marketplace.
Idea Title: GreenLight Solutions Foundation
Leader: Michael Schoon
GreenLight Solutions Foundation (GLSF) is an Arizona nonprofit organization that recruits and trains university students, then partners them with local businesses to engage in sustainability based projects so students are better prepared to enter the workforce and improve society.
Idea Title: Professional Learning Library
Leader: Heidi Blair
Currently, the Professional Learning Library (PLL) is a place where users connected to the Teachers College at Arizona State University (ASU) to share learning resources, professional development and research while working in a collaborative environment. The PLL aspires to evolve beyond ASU and serve as a national online venue. .
Idea Title: The Biodesign Institute
Leader: Raymond DuBois
The Biodesign Institute at ASU addresses today’s critical global challenges in healthcare, sustainability and security by developing solutions inspired from natural systems and translating those solutions into commercially viable products and clinical practices. The Biodesign Institute seeks to establish and leverage a brand as a premier research and technology development institute that delivers innovative solutions to meet the challenges we face in healthcare delivery, environmental protection and sustainability, and national biosecurity.
Idea Title: The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
Leader: Kara Hurst
The Sustainability Consortium (TSC®), is a collaborative organization of actors from corporations, civil society, academia, government creating information and insight into consumer products; so that businesses can make decisions about how to change products and make progress on these issues.
Idea Title: Zócalo Public Square
Leader: Gregory Rodriguez
Founded in Los Angeles in 2003, Zócalo Public Square is an ASU Knowledge Enterprise. Zócalo publishes and syndicates ideas journalism to 290 media outlets worldwide and has hosted more than 600 events in 23 cities in the U.S and beyond, including New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Shanghai, Guadalajara, London, and Berlin. Zócalo is a nonprofit organization that frequently partners with educational, cultural, and philanthropic institutions, from the Smithsonian Institution to UCLA to the J. Paul Getty Trust.