Sustaining ASU's trajectory of innovation

Our Story

May Busch, founder of IE, met President Crow – by chance – in Oxford at a panel they were both on. May was able to chat with Dr. Crow who shared his accomplishments and trajectory of ASU. May was immediately impressed with Dr. Crow and his vision, and advancements of ASU. After the panel, back at home in London, she sent Dr. Crow an email to thank him for their chats and tell him she was beyond impressed with his work. His response? “When are you coming to visit ASU?”

A few months later May found herself at ASU for the first time, and in awe of all its programs, projects and initiatives. After several visits, after meeting with several members of ASU’s esteemed faculty and staff, it became clear to May that ASU was like a giant treasure chest with diamonds and gems lying all over the place – these are the Big Ideas of ASU faculty and staff. As May was trying to find her optimum role at ASU she reflected on her business background and how she, and her fellow business executives would frequently survey their business unit and ask: where are my undervalued assets? Where are those gems that we can take, polish and help bring out into world? With ASU’s surplus of Big Ideas and talented leaders, May realized how she could make the biggest impact … and so IE was born!

After another year of designing and building the Executive Leader group, IE had a soft launch in June 2012 followed by an official pilot in November 2012. Since then IE has reviewed 46 ideas and currently has 11 amazing ELs.