What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of ideas?

A. The ideas seen by the IE come from a diverse array of backgrounds, including sustainability, education and healthcare – please see list of completed ideas. IE best serves ideas that are at least a firm, mapped out concept in the development stage. IE is most beneficial to ideas that are beyond the brainstorming stage. (Please see idea criteria.)

Q. Does The Idea Enterprise™ provide any monetary resources to the idea teams?

A. The IE does not provide monetary resources to the teams. Past teams have found that the advice and feedback they receive can point them in the direction of possible funding sources, however the IE does not provide or guarantee monetary resources at any point of the IE process.

Q. Are the Executive Leaders subject matter experts?

A. No; they provide business acumen geared towards an idea’s overall messaging, positioning, branding, and business plan – regardless of the idea field.

Q. What is an ‘idea team’?

A. An idea team, for the purposes of the IE, are the 2-4 key leaders of the idea who will “own” the idea and its trajectory; responsible for driving the idea forward. These are also the individuals are also the people who need to be in the room for the session, and hear the conversation firsthand.

Q. Are The Idea Enterprise™ idea sessions actual presentations?

A. No; idea teams are not expected to present their idea, in fact they are asked not to and not to provide any new information. All idea information, including the idea briefing, will have been sent to and read by the Executive Leaders prior to the session, allowing for a conversation about the idea to occur – please see idea session format.

Q. What is the purpose of the Idea Briefing?

A. The idea briefing is a 2-5 page document that gives the necessary description and set-up for your idea. The information included should be as succinct and direct as possible, containing the least amount of information needed for the Executive Leaders to understand your idea and allow for successful idea discussion – less is more. Please see the briefing template for suggestions.

Q. Who is eligible for The Idea Enterprise™?

A. The IE is a unique service aimed at serving ASU faculty and staff and their big ideas. The IE does not work with students. The IE recognizes that ASU students have fantastic, innovative minds and are a wonderful source for ASU’s big ideas, however there are already several groups and services at ASU that serve, exclusively, to students.