Innovative ideas for a brighter tomorrow.

What types of ideas do we support?

Ideas sought are those that lend themselves to benefitting from the input and advice of highly successful and experienced business leaders who come together as a group to help vet, hone and sharpen Ideas so that they may have even broader market appeal and societal impact. Your idea must have the following qualities:

Impactful + Scalable

Is this a “Big Idea” or part of an Idea that can address the societal challenge in a significant way, with potential for high and measurable impact if executed well?

Dynamic + Fresh

Is the Idea either new or focused on addressing the societal challenge in a fundamentally different way?

Clear + Focused

Is the Idea sufficiently formed such that it can be articulated clearly with a proposal that is ready for the group to pressure test, sharpen and hone?

Strategic Need

Is the Idea at a stage where the technical aspects have been addressed to a great extent and the need is for polishing the way it is positioned and packaged?

Why work with us?

  • Take a first step forward in learning how to best position, package and communicate ideas to potential funding sources.
  • Receive feedback on the robustness of the idea and how to make it work even better.
  • This opportunity can lead to the materially enhanced likelihood of securing required resources and connections.
  • Gain insight into the private sector perspective, and potential new avenues of inquiry.

Requirements for teams

  • Prepare a written summary (not to exceed five pages) that frames the idea and key questions. See our Idea Criteria »
  • Attend the Idea Enterprise discussion session with an open mind.
  • Ensure the idea moves forward.
  • Provide brief quarterly updates regarding the progress and status of the idea.

Past Ideas


MAKE, created by faculty and leadership within the ASU College of Technology & Innovation (CTI), is a program that allows students to collaborate and make bold venture, project and prototype ideas a reality.



IF-Tech is an “out-of-the-box” technology allowing a new generation of electronics to irrevocably advance the world’s future, addressing not one but many societal issues; serving as a model for establishing a new revolutionary type of technology that can be directed to some of the world’s most critical grand challenges.


LightWorks is an umbrella Presidential initiative that started 3 years ago to inspire and develop ways to revolutionize the use of energy and the large-scale conversion of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into useful products.

“You walk away with new perspectives, thinking of your idea, its future and trajectory in new ways. The Idea Enterprise has real potential to make a difference.”

Gary Dirks, Director of LightWorks and ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability