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The Idea Enterprise brings together a select group of highly successful senior business leaders chosen for their systems thinking, insights and experience to help ensure that ASU’s most promising ideas are advanced into action.

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SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) is a portable, ruggedized, solar-powered digital library that broadcasts a webpage containing open-access educational content over an offline WiFi hotspot with content that is curated for a particular audience in a specified locality. SolarSPELL addresses infrastructural challenges across the developing world, such as a lack of fundamental resources, like textbooks, libraries, electricity and Internet connectivity, by bringing relevant, digital educational content to offline, off-grid locations.


Leader Spotlight

Les Brun is Chairman and CEO of Ariel Alternatives, LLC, which invests in mid-market, scalable businesses that are or will become Black and Latinx owned.  He is also Chairman and CEO of Sarr Group, LLC, a diversified holding company for his investments, as well as Senior Advisor to G100 and World 50 peer-to-peer communities for current and former senior executives and directors from some of the world’s largest companies.  Previously, he was a Managing Director in the New York office of CCMP Capital Advisors.


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A Unique Set of Resources

A Unique Set of Resources

The combination of academia and business produces a gold mine for innovation. With our combined resources, big ideas are more likely to become a reality.

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Real-world experience

We are experts in making things happen. Our private sector leaders bring to the table real-world experience in recognizing what produces results in the real world.

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We are invested in helping your idea see the light of day. We will work directly with your idea and team to best prepare for success during the session.

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