A collaboration between business leaders and idea-makers at Arizona State University

The Idea Enterprise brings together a select group of highly successful senior business leaders chosen for their systems thinking, insights and experience to help ensure that ASU’s most promising ideas are advanced into action.

How It Works

1 Bring your idea to the table.

Last year, The Idea Enterprise received many submissions of innovative and inspiring ideas. We encourage you to approach us with your big idea.

2 Collaborate with business leaders.

Our Executive Leaders bring real-time experience in recognizing what works in the world and an instinct for asking key questions that lead to better outcomes.

3 Advance your idea into action.

Executive Leaders provide detailed guidance to teams on how to package their idea into something that is actionable and fundable.

1 Bring your idea to the table
2 Collaborate with business leaders
3 Advance your idea into action

Why work with us?


A unique set of resources

The combination of academia and business produces a gold mine for innovation. With our combined resources, big ideas are more likely to become a reality.

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Real-world experience

We are experts in making things happen. Our private sector leaders bring to the table real-world experience in recognizing what produces results in the real world.

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Support for teams

We are invested in helping your idea see the light of day. We will work directly with your idea and team to best prepare for success during the session.

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What’s next for your big idea?

Think big.

If you think your big idea has the potential to have a societal impact, we invite you to tell us about it. We just may be able to help you advance your idea into action.